Guide to your own empowerment, with a focus on compassion and strength. Daya Parvati, is an energy intuitive who honors all the harmless paths that lead to the divine and each individual’s ability to access higher guidance. Passionate about building like minded conscious communities while assisting the discovery of people’s personal power.

For the past 11 years she has facilitated mystical experiences, offering 1:1 and group sessions of meditation, energy healing, tarot, esoteric workshops, house clearings and sacred jewelry making. Having trained with many master healers and elders of wisdom traditions, always a spiritual aspirant first; Daya is a certified Reiki master & teacher, practitioner of the Shamanic arts, trained Ignite Your Spirit and Pranic Healing therapist, ordained interfaith minister with Alliance of Divine Love, sacred talisman designer with a BFA in fashion design and over a decade of experience in the private label jewelry industry with an independent label Fennimas LLC, created in 2009, Birth Doula trained with Carriage House Birth, and professional tarot reader with 25 years experience as taught by her mystic aunt when she was a teenager. She is lives in New York City, US, and practices internationally.

The root of her medicine comes from a cross cultural heritage of German and Puerto Rican, and having alchemized early childhood traumas, addiction, depression and suicide. Daya weaves this together, to offer an integrated healing and meditation style of transcendental consciousness that uses chakra breathing, sacred geometry, affirmations, and shamanic journey.

Daya's Sessions:

Tarot Reading: intended to be used as healing tool by bringing light, peace and clarity to any questions most pressing on the heart.  Unity Healing, style of reading uses a combination of empathy and intuition as we focus on accessing your higher soul for guidance.  Moving beyond the astral and ego, using the heart as a door to bring back wisdom and truth that will uplift and encourage the client.

Energy Healing: Integrated healing for chakra balancing, removing blockages that create challenge, trauma and past life healing and auric field cleansing. Combination of pranic healing, ignite your spirit, the shamanic arts and reiki. This is a hands off modality where the client is seated or laying down and guided through a self healing journey using release commands and affirmations.

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