David is an awakener and has been doing Intuitive Readings and Numerology for over 30 years. He lives in California, US

Working with an international Global Clientele - David has created a Rock Star Career as an Intuitive Reader - supporting people to see what they can't see in order to achieve their dreams.

The clarity that comes through in one session with David  can take years to arrive at in life - making it a breakthrough acceleration towards healing and integration and taking your life to the next level.

David's certificates include Mastery In Transformational Training - 2007 - completed the following trainings:

    A. The Basic Training

    B. The Advanced Training

    C. Legacy (their Leadership Training)

He also has a BFA Art Studio from Sonoma State University 2000 - 2004

David's Sessions:

Intuitive Readings: Wake up & get inspired, and empower your life!      Identify unconscious beliefs and patterns that are influencing and creating what is showing up in your life. Gain clarity about all areas of your life and how to clear and change things to make your life better. Profiling can also be included for clarity on relationships and business dealings.

Numerology:  A map of your life that shows what the major influences and themes are that you are working with.  It includes your Soul Blue Print, and cycles of timing to maximize what you are committed to creating in all areas of your life.

Coaching: A 3 month commitment of two one hour sessions each month designed to interrupt your life & your thinking and to get your life on track and to bring everything you are committed to creating to where you want it to be.  This includes identifying and clearing blocks, Life Navigation and Change Management, and expanding your thinking, creativity, and gifts to work for you in your life. A Game Changer Series of Transformational Sessions.

Reviews for this practitioner:

I have learned so much from the Numerology session! I am still listening to the recording every week and getting more and more insights about my life and how to make certain decisions. On top of that, I got many tips for education, health, and wisdom ... the session was pure bliss
October 24, 2022
My session with David was so wonderfully insightful. i learned so much about myself and my path. i came away feeling focused and guided on my challenges. and the best part was that he sent me a recording of our session that i can listen to when i need to.
February 18, 2022

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