Daniel is a Belief system Coach and Healer. His thirst for spirituality started early on. His mom introduced him to various spiritual modalities and he started to meditate when he was 10 years old. But it wasn’t until he found the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah that he felt that he has found his purpose. Sensing that his true calling was teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah, Daniel became a teacher in 2004 at the London Kabbalah Centre. Immersed in spiritual studies and practices, living a life of service, teaching and coaching people all across Europe. In 2006 he moved to Los Angeles to continue this work all across the US and over the years has taught 100’s of lectures on Kabbalah and spiritual topics. And has coached 1000’s of people one on one. With a clear and uplifting method of teaching, Daniel strives to inspire students by showing them their inner greatness, imparting in them a greater desire and urgency to reach their full potential. Daniel’s coaching called “Belief Healing” helps people to release their limiting beliefs, discover who they really are and telling themselves a new story. Daniel currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Esther, and their 3 daughters.

(All sessions are conducted over Zoom)

Beliefs and Systemic Healing: Single Session 60 min $180

Our beliefs create our reality. By changing our beliefs, we can change our reality.

Our session will start by exploring what your limiting beliefs are and where they come from.

Many of our limiting beliefs are inherited from our ancestors and can be found in our Family system. After identifying those subconscious blocks and seeing what role they play, we can successfully release and replace them with a new narrative that is serving you much better. 

Resulting in shifting your consciousness and energy to allow you to walk with more peace, confidence and joy to manifest your truest desires in life. 

Beliefs and Systemic Healing –Manifesting your greatness
3 Session Series( 60 min each ) $520

Session 1: Shed Limiting Beliefs (OldStories - Past)

In this first session, you’ll connect to your unlimited consciousness to identify old stories that form limiting beliefs and are no longer serving you. We will work to release these at the root-cause level 

Session 2:Connect to Your Light (True Identity - Present)

In this session, the focus switches from “what’s NOT working for me” to“what IS working for me” – otherwise known as your ‘soul beliefs. We will nurture, embolden, and expand your true soul beliefs while clarifying your gifts, talents, and strengths. 

Session 3:Shine Your Light (Manifestation - Future)

In this final session, we explore the actions, words, thoughts, and consciousness that will help you share your gifts and soul beliefs, ultimately manifesting your unique Light. By getting in touch with how to relate your unique Light to the world around you, the ultimate self-expression can be achieved. 

*If you are a student of the Kabbalah Center, please go to their website to book with Daniel.

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Beliefs and Systemic Healing: Single Session 60 min $180Beliefs and Systemic Healing –Manifesting your greatness3 Session Series( 60 min each ) $520