Hello brave souls, I'm Ciara, also known as the Fairy Energy Healer, based in the Philippines. I help stressed people relax, heal, and rejuvenate instantly and magically with Zero-Point Energy Healing.

My journey into the realm of energy healing is a deeply personal one. From a young age, I sensed that I was different, that I didn't quite belong to this world in the conventional sense. Life, with all its challenges, fast-tracked my spiritual awakening, leading me to a profound realization: I was meant to heal the world, one person at a time. I learned to embrace the darkness that surrounded me, transmuting it into radiant light by extending healing to others.

My path into the realm of energy healing took a significant turn in 2015 when I embarked on a Life Coaching Certification journey. It was there that I first encountered the astounding potential of energy healing. Since that transformative moment, I have dedicated myself to honing and sharing this remarkable gift with individuals, whether in person or through the wonders of video calls. The results have been nothing short of miraculous, with many clients experiencing profound healing within as little as 5 minutes during in-person sessions or just 15 minutes during distant healing sessions.

So, what can you expect from a healing session with Ciara?

Zero-Point Energy Healing: This holistic approach to healing taps into the boundless energy of the universe, orchestrating instant healing and rejuvenation. It operates on the principle that everything in the cosmos, including our bodies, thoughts, and emotions, is energy. It's an incredibly potent form of energy healing.

Your session will last approximately 30-40 minutes via Zoom, with a healing duration of 15-20 minutes. All you need is a glass of drinking water. I'll guide you through a powerful affirmation to open the channels to healing energy. Then, I'll work my magic with the aid of my enchanted healing wand, while you relax comfortably with your eyes closed. During the process, you may even feel warm, or cold, or experience magnetic sensations—a sign that the energy is at work.

To make your healing experience truly yours, you can choose the music that resonates with your soul, be it the soothing melodies of Fairy Music or sacred songs that touch your heart. And, as a special touch, you'll receive an empowerment card, oracle card, and/or tarot card at the session's conclusion.

Remember, healing is even more delightful with a friend. You have the option to bring a companion.

I send you boundless love, radiant light, and the enchanting energies of the fairies. May your day ahead be nothing short of magical!

With love and healing light, Ciara

Reviews for this practitioner:

This was the first time I tried zero point energy healing. Ciara made me feel comfortable immediately and into a relaxed state quickly for the session. I could feel changes in temperature in the area’s needing particular healing and I felt much better after the session with a noticeable reduction of swelling and pain. She also drew an oracle card with a very meaningful message needed for me. I recommend a session with Ciara for healing pain and other health issues.
July 4, 2023

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