Cheryl is an Energy Healer for people and pets, a Certified Life and Master NLP Coach, an Animal Intuitive and Ordained Interfaith Minister. For over twenty years, she has been helping people and pets to experience more resiliency and positive outcomes when they are going through challenges. Cheryl is based in New York City, US.

Her signature techniques and healings create new neural pathways for peace, calm and clarity to replace those of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Being very spiritually connected, she also helps people to enhance their spiritual connection and intuition.

Cheryl is trained in Therapeutic Touch, Energy Balancing, Reiki and Animal Reiki. She holds workshops and has been an invited speaker on Expert Panels and at the United Nations.  Clients like her integrated approach of body, mind and spirit. They find her to be calming and insightful.

Cheryl’s sessions:

Energy Healing for you or for your pet - Prior to our session, I say a prayer for Divine guidance and protection. You and I will discuss whether there is an issue you would like to address for yourself or your pet, or if you prefer to see what emerges. If the session is for you, then it can also include a guided visualization, breath work, body dialogue or other participatory process if desired. If it is for your pet, then I will also include recommendations specific to your cat, dog, or bird’s issue.

Combining several types of energy modalities and a “Divine Activation,” the healing session can release stress, congestion, pain, trauma, repressed emotions, anxiety and/or unconscious patterns.  We also rebalance energy that may be out of alignment due to tension, emotional turmoil, illness or pain. The session can restore vitality, boost the immune system, and create feelings of lightness and calm while also generating an inner environment for healing.

Energy Coaching - To help you monitor your energy and be in the highest vibration possible, we can choose from these “how to” techniques or your own request.  a. Release negative energies that you have absorbed from others and the environment. b. Protect yourself and set energetic boundaries c. Release an attachment from your energy system, d. Shifting higher on the vibrational scale of emotions e. Grounding and presence practices e. Energy techniques to release fear, stress or anger easily.

Transformational Coaching  True transformation occurs during sessions over time and through practicing the deepening recommendations provided. While beginning with one main issue, we will discover your truest desired result. Drawing on several coaching modalities, I will help you to move through the current challenge with more resilience, insights and practical methods for handling the next steps needed. As we honor all emotions, you will discover healthy ways to express them. We can also uncover unconscious ways that you may “set yourself up’ for disappointment or failure …. and then help you to make more empowering choices.

Gifts and opportunities are inherent in difficulties and as we discover them, these can be your gateway for your deepest transformation….into more freedom, higher consciousness, inner peace and joy!

All sessions: 60 Minutes: $160, Forty Five Minutes: $125, Thirty Minutes: $85

Reviews for this practitioner:

The healing session with Cheryl was phenomenal. She moved energy with her hands, her voice and her intentions. The effect was tangible, palpable, intensely calming, reassuring, and steadying. She worked on helping me release old contacts, and I look forward to moving forward now with this freedom. It was a beautiful session, and Cheryl is a beautiful healer. I highly recommend a session with her.
May 23, 2022
Cheryl is an amazing healer. I was having major blocks that she helped me get rid of in one session by accessing the root block. They had been causing a negative impact on my life. I am feeling positive again and optimistic about my life. She is very perceptive and has many talents and tools in her arch, including sound healing, frequencies and words. I totally recommend a session with her.
May 1, 2022

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