Cheryl is a spiritual development teacher, intuitive/medium, and energy healer, living in Maine, US. She assists with inner work, relationships, life transitions, personal trauma, physical conditions, illness, self-development and more. Her sessions can offer deep release and resolve, connecting with divine self, developing spiritual senses and raising the vibration for optimal flow.

Her healing path began with her own awakening while experiencing a mild traumatic brain injury in 2001. She began seeing life experiences as gifts that offer opportunities to bring about positive change. She received a visitation from Mother Mary in 2010, initiating her channeling of the light body system and LoveLight Illuminations modality. She continues supporting her clients healing and spiritual growth through her workshops, retreats and individual sessions for more than 15 years.

Cheryl's Sessions:

Intuitive Reading: This session can offer spiritual guidance and insight for direction and transitions in life

LoveLight Energy Healing: This session brings through whatever is in the highest benefit and can be directed for healing, clearing, energetic balancing and aligning, accelerated spiritual expansion and higher insight.

Mother Mary Offering: This session brings you into an experience with Mother Mary. It offers a direct connection with Mary. You may feel her, see her, hear her or sense her in some way. You may receive insight or a healing as you are held in her loving grace. This session is miraculous to be in her energy and receive her blessings.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Amanda C
A much needed positive experience that created long overdue flow in my life. Cheryl is a very kind, heart centered healer that works with very high vibrational energy. From personal experience if you are feeling stagnation, experiencing a health challenge, are seeking answers to issues you are facing and/or you simply resonate with her - I would 100% suggest her to others.
January 17, 2022

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