Located in New Jersey,  Carmela is an Intuitive and Energy Healer. She has over 13 years experience in energy healing.  

She began her spiritual journey in 2005 after experiencing extreme anxiety and bouts of depression, wanting a natural way of eliminating stress  in her life.  With certifications in Yoga,  Intuitive Readings, Aura Readings, Energy Healing and Reiki Master, she prides herself in delivering messages and healing in a positive, loving way.Her passion is helping people gain clarity, healing and inspiration in their lives.  

Using a variety of healing techniques to move stuck and stagnant energy,  Carmela  aims to balance your chakras (your energy), deliver messages from spirit and give you tools to help you live  a more positive life and lifestyle.

Intuitive Readings: In this individual reading I connect with my spirit guides for direct information to help you in any area of your life  bringing you clarity, inspiration and empowerment. Discover what you need to know at this time to help you make changes, if needed.  Schedule a session to inquire about relationships, career shifts, finances and next step inquiries.  This reading is designed to help you gather information to help you heal, shift, and grow in a positive way.    This session  ends with a variety  of energy  healing modalities to help clear obstacles you may have that keep you stuck in patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Virtual via Zoom

30 minutes  $65

55 min  $99

Aura Readings: Your aura is the invisible energy field surrounding your  body.   In this reading I go through the 7 layers of the aura letting you know what is working and what needs a little help. Reading the energy  of the aura can be very insightful in  alerting you to any imbalances.   In the areas which are not working well, I will offer guidance I receive from Spirit and will use a variety of  energy healing techniques to help you release the energy which is not serving your highest good.    This can be very powerful in helping you move blocked and stagnant energy empowering you to make positive life choices and changes.    This  deep healing  moves through the imbalances  in your aura creating an energetic shift.

Virtual via Zoom

$125 for an hour session  

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Intuitive Reading: 30 minutes $65Intuitive Reading: 55 minutes $99Aura Reading: 60 minutes $125