Based in Oregon, US, Caitlin is a psychological astrologer and spiritual counselor. She studied at the Academy of AstroPsychology for three years under the tutelage of Dr. Glenn Perry, who is a licensed PhD psychologist as well as one of the most reputable and published astrologers in the world. Psychological Astrology is a branch of astrology that uses the birth chart as a guide for self-understanding and psycho-spiritual growth. It acts as a psychological and spiritual blueprint of the soul's journey and destination.

The planets represent universal Jungian archetypes. How the planets are placed gives profound insight into needs, emotions, challenges, strengths, circumstances and events. The chart is used to gain conscious awareness over unconscious and limiting belief systems, traumas, conflicts and tension and, most importantly, offers various solutions for integration.

The chart provides insight into career, relationship dynamics, childhood, finances and a plethora of other life topics. Psychological astrology provides profound context and framework which validate the life experiences of an individual. It conveys meaning and purpose, explains karmic patterning, and helps to break people free from blocks and negative repetition cycles.

Caitlin's Sessions:

Individual Natal Chart Counseling: Personal one on one counseling using the astrology chart as a guide for psychological and spiritual insight and healing. Intro session for 1.5 hour: $210. Follow up sessions  for 1 hour: $135

Couple/Relationship Charts and Synastry Counseling: Counseling for couples, partnerships or family relations using a combination of 4 charts: two individual charts, a composite chart and a synastry chart. The four charts give insight into the psychological needs and dynamics between the two people involved in the relationship). Intro Session for 2 hours: $310

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Intro 1.5 Hour One-on-One Counseling Using Astrology: $210 USDFollow up 60 Minute One-on-One Counseling Using Astrology: $135 USD2 Hour Couple/Relationship Charts & Counseling: $310 USD