Hello, my name is Becky, I am a Bilingual Intuitive Psychic Medium, fluent in both Spanish and English I am a gifted Tarot Reader from Florida, US. For the past five years I have been helping people find clarity and guidance with the use of Tarot and my gift of Clairsentience among other clairs that I have. I really enjoy seeing people bring down their walls and being able to provide a safe space for them to express and understand any messages coming through.

As a person with all Five Clair senses and the ability to read and understand Tarot, I have been able to combine my gifts to recognize what messages are being passed through me during readings. I also have extensive knowledge about Astrology, Numerology, and Ancestral work which together I am able to provide any direct insight or guidance that my clients are looking for.

Becky's Session:

During my sessions, I take a minute in the beginning to sit and pray and to ask my ancestors, and spirit guides to give me clarity; I also ask permission to pass the messages through me. I then pray for my client’s spirit guides and ancestors to be able to use me as a vessel to channel any messages that are coming through for the person being consulted. Consequently, I then allow my client to ask any question they may have, or to just let the cards speak for themselves. My readings usually last from half an hour to a full hour, although at times, sessions can go longer if requested.

15 Minute Tarot and Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading: $50.00  

45 Minute Tarot and Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading: $95.00

90 Minute Tarot and Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading: $180.00

Reviews for this practitioner:

Becky is literally so intuitive she's always right on the mark and it never fails that whatever she says happens she's truly got a gift. As a reader myself she is the person that is my go-to!! She's is magic and will tell you exactly how it is which I'm so so grateful for! If you need a Tarot reader she's the one!!!! Cannot recommend her enough
June 26, 2022
My session with Becky was absolutely awesome! This was my first experience having a reading done and I was blown away by the results. Days following my session were filled with lots of self reflection, inner Spiritual work and enlightenment. My reading definitely contributed to opening me up to receive from Spirit. Thank you Om-Heals for this opportunity!
May 19, 2022
Becky is an incredible intuitive and used her knowledge of Tarot to guide me on a journey to the answers I was seeking. After the session, I felt at peace and in greater ease. She really grounded down the information so that it was directly applicable to the situations in my life as they are now. I'll continue to use her guidance in the coming months ahead. Thanks Becky!
May 18, 2022

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15 Minute Tarot and Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading: $50.00 45 Minute Tarot and Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading: $95.00 USD90 Minute Tarot and Intuitive Psychic Medium Reading: $180.00