Many years ago a well-intending surgeon told me that I would be lucky to live 30 days and that if I did, I would certainly not make it past 6 months. I’m going to paraphrase something I heard Les Brown say when he had recovered from prostate cancer… when a physician tells you that your condition is terminal, what he really means is that his ability to help you has terminated. I heard that years ago, and I will never forget it; it is so true. My personal health crisis started me on a lifelong journey of research and education in the holistic health field and in 2004 I incorporated my own healing center.

You will love our neuro coaching methods because they are tied to your innermost passions. Don't expect a goal setting strategy plan. Expect to be in touch with your deepest desires and your natural healing abilities to bring them to fruition. I believe that everything we need is within us. Sometimes, we just need a little direction to uncover it.

I am here to walk alongside you. Your story is sacred and should only be shared when you are ready to do so. The safety of your nervous system is our number one priority. Your story is valuable and will be treated with the care and respect that it deserves. I will absolutely believe you when you relate how you experienced the events of your life. I am based in Florida, US and honored to connect with you!

Barb’s Session:

My sessions are between 45-60 minutes. We are currently seeing amazing results with EFT and/or OEFT, but we are not limited to those modalities. If it is in your best interest, your session may include a combination of modalities such as EFT, OEFT, Hypnosis, NLP, Silva Method, Eden Energy Techniques, Imagery, Guided Meditation, Ho’oponopono and/or Neuro Somatic Mindfulness. This is your individualized session structured to meet what it is that you are needing.

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45-60 Minute Session: $99 USD