Aurora Luna Star is an open channel, specializing in sound activations and personal empowerment. She works with a collective, The ELders of the Cosmos, and through them Aurora brings forth light codes using sound, color, geometry and light language. Aurora uses her gifts to assist you in stepping into your highest potential. Her greatest joy is empowering you to realize your unlimited nature and helping you create the life of your dreams!

Aurora's Sessions:

Quantum Codes ActivationYou came to this planet with a beautiful purpose. Your particular brand of magic was called to Gaia to be here for this planetary shift.Because we have all experienced trauma, sometimes accessing aspects of our expanded self can be trapped in our cellular structure and in our unconscious mind.In this one-on-one session, I will act as a conduit and channel for your specific frequencies that can assist you in accessing more of your untapped resources by using sound vibration to move old energy. Once the old energy moves, new ideas, solutions and patterns can open you up to living your best life!

Soul Star Sound & Light Code ActivationConnect with The Elders of the Cosmos and your Star Team of Light through this empowering and DNA shifting Sound experience.This is an opportunity to connect with your Star families and galactic origins. Each star system offers a large array of gifts, wisdom, and specialities that can help you to understand your life’s purpose.  You are here for a reason, though sometimes you may feel lost. Your Star Team wants you to know where you come from so that you can walk your life path with more confidence and embody the blessing that you are!

Heart Intelligence The human journey is all about the pathway back to the heart and choosing love. Rather than using the mind and logic alone, you are able to bring the the heart and the mind back into connection through the ancient pathways of Divine connection. In this beautiful experience you will experience bringing love into yourself, for yourself. You will be offered a process and meditation that can offer you balance and the soul memory of being unconditionally held in the frequency of love.

All offerings are $150 for one hour and $175 for 90 minutes.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Aurora has an amazing connection to a powerful healing process. She uses sound and her beautiful voice that goes deep into your energy and your cells. During my session my whole body vibrated and I was transformed into an ecstatic experience. I also traveled to the angels and ascended masters. After the session I felt so much love and happiness! I can't wait to do another session!
August 31, 2022

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