Know thyself!  Those are the words that put me on my path to enlightenment.  Knowing who I truly am, why I am here at this time, and what I am supposed to be doing has led me to an abundant and fulfilling life! It is my purpose to assist others in reaching an enlightened understanding of who they are at soul level, which includes identifying the blocks and restrictions that can hold you back from healing and flourishing in your purpose.  I am based in Maryland, US.

What I offer is a unique opportunity to support the healing of your past and propel your present into an abundant life! I am a certified Advanced Soul Realignment practitioner and a Level III Reiki Master in Usui Reiki.  I began the practice of the soul realignment modality of Akashic Records readings in 2017 and became a Level III Usui Reiki Master in 2014.

Aurelia's Sessions:

Life Path Realignment (Akashic Records) Reading: 90 Minutes, $180. This is an opportunity for you to find out who you are at soul-level.  Ideal if you have an unfulfilling career, difficulties building wealth, repeating patterns in your relationships, restless sleep, and/or chronic pain and dis-ease.  Specifically, I will be able to tell you.

  • Your Divine gifts, which will identify the ideal career path that will be most fulfilling for you.
  • Where your soul originated and the life purpose of those of your soul group.
  • How congruent you are currently with living out your Divine self-expression – and point out the next steps on your spiritual path.
  • Blocks and restrictions that could be holding you back from an abundant life and the steps to take to clear them.

Usui Reiki: 90 Minutes, $90. Holistic energy healing that clears the blocked emotional and physical energy held within the body that leads to illness and dis-ease.  In addition to the healing transmission of Reiki energy, sessions include various healing crystals that are used intuitively to address specific areas of need.

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90 Minute Reiki: $90 USD90 Minute Life Path Re-Alignment/Akashic Records: $180 USD