Hello beautiful soul. My name is Ashley and lives in Florida, US. My mission is to help create a more beautiful world and heal this Earth one soul at a time. I am an intuitive energy healer. I have studied many different modalities of energy healing to be able to serve and help others heal themselves by teaching them the tools they need. Every healing I do is completely individual to you.

I use tuning forks in the Solfeggio frequency for sound healings these frequencies resonate with our body and more specifically the chakra systems, so by using these frequencies it allows your energy systems to vibrate more efficiently and release what is no longer serving you.

I utilize skills learned from Healing touch, Reiki, Qigong, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Astrology, Tapping, Breathwork, Meditation, Tarot, various Sound Healing tools, Energy transmutation, as well as many other modalities.

I have 5 years of experience as a healer and I have 100 hours of meditation and breathwork and NLP certificates. I'm currently working on 500 hr yoga certification and Ayurvedic nutrition certification.

Ashley's Sessions:

60 Minute One-on-One Session: All of the following can be included in session depending on your needs: Tarot reading, Meditation, Shadow work (emotional work), Spiritual processing, Breathwork

60 Minute Intuitive Energy Sound Healing: Includes tarot/oracle card reading. Sound healing utilizes tuning forks in the Solfeggio frequency as well as intuitively incorporating other energy healing modalities, I will scan through your body from top of the head all the way down to your feet using the tuning forks to comb through your energetic body pulling out the stuck energy. Tuning forks correlate with each chakra center and when combing through the energetic body (aura) the frequency of the tuning forks helps to calibrate your energy back to where it needs to be.

Meditation Session: Could be individual or group meditation sessions. This is a personalized 30 minute meditation session. A meditation just for you to relax, recenter, ground specifically for you.

30 Minute Tarot: If you need clarification, if you just have a question, or want relationship answers this is the option for you. Typically tarot readers pull 3 cards. I read a little differently, I pull 8. All of my skills incorporate all the education I have soaked up to be able to give you the best answers I can. I am a no nonsense reader and will tell you exactly what I see.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Ashley is someone I grew up with and am so amazed at the healer she has become. Ashley uses different modalities to heal and bring clarity to people. I had the opportunity to get a tarot reading from her and am so blown away by her wisdom and accuracy in her readings. Not only is she able to bring clarity to the situation at hand, she also brings to light situations that would have totally passed my awareness if it were not for her reading. Definitely will be calling her again in the future for any more clarity that I may need.
May 20, 2022
I am a healer myself and a very experienced one. Usually it's very hard for me to find someone strong enough to handle my energy. Ashley is that strong and some. I chose her based on the vibe I picked up from her profile and mentioning of tuning forks (I wanted to experience that method). She communicated very clearly, responded in timely manner and was just very easy to book a session with. The session itself was just what I like: straight to the point, powerful and very clear. Ashley asked pertinent questions, checked with me during the session and cleared my left side tension just as I asked. She is very intuitive and picked up on few things that were spot on. I will book more sessions with Ashley. Healers need tune-ups too. Thank you so much!
January 26, 2022

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