I am an energy practitioner.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve carried out a deep work on myself in order to heal my most profound wounds and access my inner truth and power.

This beautiful and ongoing work led me to energy healing.

Over the years, I have come to remember the ancient wisdom that energy healing is. I have worked and trained with mentors and energy practitioners from Germany, Portugal, USA and Brazil, who helped me develop my own energy healing practice.

The way I practice energy healing is by connecting to a divine part of myself that guides me through the energy work. It is that part of myself that then works with your energetic field to cleanse, balance, transmute, … using my hands as main tools.

I have experienced and observed the power and beauty of energy healing as a tool to help one’s own healing and growth journey. And I am so happy to share it with you.

If you feel call to it, I hope you will create your opportunity to experience it.

Energy Healing Session: Price: $95

60 minutes: The healing session aims at balancing your energetic field and removing any blocks that limit you. The session starts with a check-in, during which you will have the opportunity to set your intention for the healing. After that, you just have to relax while I connect to and work with your energetic field to cleanse, balance and transmute according to what is needed. The session ends with a check-in, during which I will share with you any relevant information about that was carried out as well as any messages received for you.

Reviews for this practitioner:

I highly recommend Alex to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate healer. I had the pleasure of working with Alex and was immediately struck by his wonderful energy, warmth and healing. He approaches his work with a deep sense of compassion and understanding, and his ability to connect with clients is truly remarkable. He creates a safe and supportive environment that allows deep healing and transformation. I experienced a profound shift as a result of the healing. His wisdom, insight and intuitive abilities were exceptional.
March 2, 2023

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Energy Healing Session: Price: $95