Aaron a.k.a. The Shaman, Reiki Master GuruAncestral Shaman, Certified RMT, Kabbalah Student (10+ years), B.A. Music & International Relations, M.A. Ed. Leadership. Aaron is an internationally recognized Shaman, Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Intuitive, who has been a practicing spiritual healing for 25 years. He is based in both California, US and in Ecuador.

In 2014, Aaron began to infuse Kabbalah into his Reiki sessions and uses his shamanic gifts to perform mind, body and soul healings and deliver messages from the Light. During his sessions, Aaron transmits Universal Life Energy to the client and also uses Tree of Life reality by using Tikkun HaNefesh, which is a Kabbalistic healing meditation.

As a child, Aaron was always connected to the Light and learned spiritual lessons and tools from his grandmother Isabel, who was a spiritual intuitive and who also learned from her grandfather, a Shaman.  Aaron is currently a student of Avner Madar, a senior instructor at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.  Aaron also studied under the tutelage of Alison Serour, a well-known meditation expert, who is a senior instructor at the Kabbalah Centre in Israel.  Aaron seeks the assistance of the Shamaness, Princesa Muisca of Colombia for her spiritual counsel.  Aaron combines all of his spiritual training to help his students and clients.

Aaron's Session:

The Shaman, Reiki Master Guru’s energy healing combines Kabbalistic energy healing from the Tree of Life technology, referred to as Tikkun HaNafesh and other Kabbalistic tools with traditional Usui Reiki techniques and symbols and the ancestral healing traditions of his shamanic lineage. His mind, body and soul techniques, enhanced with his intuition and vibrational vocal healing, provide an advanced healing experience, which can assist you in restoring your true spiritual DNA.  This process generally lasts 90 minutes and is $151.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Aaron is a beautiful soul and this reflected in an insightful and healing session. By invoking the angels, using his intuition, and reading tarot and oracle cards, he offered me insights and comfort on a range of issues. Much gratitude Aaron for your presence and compassion. Just sitting with you is therapeutic.
May 30, 2022
My experience with Aaron has been very good and helpful, we did one session and I'm looking forward to have the second today. He is a very strong and meaningful person and healer.
April 4, 2022

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90 Minute Session: $151 USD