The Link between Healing and Surrender

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Are Problems Inevitable?

Problems make us who we are today. This is a contradictory statement that implies pain and suffering are inevitable. Only, they are not. When we say problems make us who we are today, we imply crises, situations and problems don’t happen to us but for us. Why?To teach us life lessons. This is why we learn history. History teaches us innumerable lessons about individuals, the social context in which choices are made, the importance of crucial decisions, and Life itself. When we care to analyze the root cause of the problems we confront at any given point in time, we notice repeating patterns and cycles. Unless we learn from the patterns, the old is here to stay.

Do solutions exist?

We usually look for the easy solution when confronted with a problem. Our solutions are often focused on surface level compromise. We treat the consequence, and not the cause. Case in point, doctors. So, if solutions really do exist, what are they and where can one find them?

This is where the answer gets confusing. Psychology tells us we need to heal unhealed parts of ourselves so we can become a healthy human being. Spirituality advises us to surrender to the Divine Godhead and having faith in the process. Naturally the question arises:should I heal or surrender to a higher power?

We would say both because they are not disparate, piecemeal elements of a process but are interconnected. One exists in relation to the other.

So, what is healing? Healing is a process where an individual makes a conscious choice to address unresolved problems that are sometimes within his reach and sometimes not, because of their subconscious conditioning and other deep seated ancestral and cultural factors.

This conscious choice first and foremost entails a radical acceptance of their situation, validation of their emotions that they are on the right path and lastly, an act of active surrender to an unknown force we may call God or Divine or the Universe.

Surrender, on the other hand, entails having complete faith in the process and realizing a divine will exists apart from our own and that we co create our reality. Active surrender is all about realizing the power of individual agency and having a disinterested detachment towards the outcome. An individual can only get so far in his life when he actively surrenders. The element that makes the process complete is healing. Since every aspect of our life is interconnected, when one part isn’t aligned with another or even if there’s a slight imbalance in the chakras, problems are quick to sprout. Not to threaten us, but to make us realize there’s more to the external threat we see as problems. Healing makes surrender complete.


This is precisely why we at OmHeals try to understand each individual’s state of mind, their inherent nature and personality, and match them with our very own healers who instill in their clientele a sense of connectedness and shared understanding. Our algorithm has been designed in such a way that a healer and their client understand and respect each other for who they are and there is a healthy component of familiarity and compatibility that helps our clients open up to the healers who not just understand their clients but recognize their soul’s desires and aspirations.