Once a NASA engineer, Sally offers transformational healing, mindset, and soul purpose alignment that ignites quantum personal and spiritual growth. She survived two near-death experiences that inspired her to study ways people recover far beyond the expectations of western medicine. If you struggle to thrive, there is a deeper reason 80% of all diseases and the body's inability to heal comes from emotional wounds and trauma that you have stored in your body. She lives in California, US.

When your inner wounds remain unresolved, they impact your health, emotional behavior, relationships, and quality of life.When you choose to heal, grow and align with your heart and soul, you empower yourself to thrive! As a medical intuitive since 2003, Sally has helped 35,000 people heal and transform their lives. Experience life-changing healing that addresses your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric energy bodies. Healing medical issues, trauma, and pain that would otherwise remain unresolved.

Trauma can cause your soul to fragment and separate from your being. Healing and restoring soul fragments increases your sense of wholeness, so you feel more comfortable in your body. Past lives can also drain your energy and keep repeating old negative patterns. I will guide you to discover the wisdom from that past and free your energy to balance and heal. When you choose to heal your most significant pain, you empower your greatest inner strength increasing life force energies to thrive!

Sally's Sessions:

Experience healing within your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric energy bodies. Find solutions for disease, trauma, pain, and those struggle to heal or thrive.

Personal Healing Session: This is a Medical Intuitive Healing Session, which can be recorded. The replay can help deepen the healing if you listen again. 30 Minutes: $125 USD.

Personal Healing Session for New Client: This is a Medical Intuitive Healing 60 min Session allows time to go very deep with healing. 60 Minutes: $250 USD.

Light Language Soul Activation: Light Language speaks directly to your soul with spiritual light and sacred geometry light codes to support your inner evolution. Experience a healing activation at the deepest levels as you bypass the ego-mind, infusing light codes directly into your cells, DNA, Subtle body, and soul. Light Language ignites a profound multi-dimensional transformation that heals and activates your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies with your divine blueprint. These activations will bring about a tremendous shift empowering your heart, consciousness, and soul with lasting change that aligns you with your Higher Self. 45 Minutes: $187

Note: You can record the session on your computer. Listening to the replay deepens this powerful transformation. Many of my clients listen to it as they sleep at night. The frequent repetition brings about deep and lasting change.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Sally is an amazing space-holder and a wonderfully connected practitioner. I came in the space without a real clue of what was going to surface, and was simply orientated by Sally towards three significant pieces that needed my attention and healing. Sally guided me very beautifully throughout each pieces, letting me know exactly how I could lighten them up and release them with Love. I was particularly grateful for the dedication put into bringing back to me very precise informations, which I often need to bring clarity into my life and my heart. Sally brought up pieces I had no clue existed in my experience and yet were affecting the expression of my creativity. Sally held a soft space so that I could feel through them gently and safely and welcome soul fragments back into my reality, and found a greater sense of peace and integrity afterwards. Sally is a true leader and wayshower. I loved and benefited from working with her in more ways than I met her for, and I am particularly grateful for her sharing of her knowledge and experience of balanced divine feminine and divine masculine. I feel grateful, loved, seen and supported. I have no doubt she has helped many and will continue to do so. Thank you. Blessings
June 7, 2022
Wow. I have had many powerful healings from gifted practitioners over the years. And Sally’s precise energetic awareness and clearing is truly life changing. My physical body felt better immediately. I felt lighter and happier during the session and after it as well. Her accuracy not only for where in the body but when it’s been there since is nothing short of miraculous. Every human should have a session with her! Truly.
May 26, 2022

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