Based on Kansas, US, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and certified coach who has used many energy healing modalities to assist individuals on their healing journeys for over 30 years. I have experience working with individuals dealing with various blocks to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Some of the areas these may be encountered are in relationships, personal worth, grief and loss, depression, stress, anxiety, life changes, identity issues, the impact of addictions.

I have an MA in Counseling from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and have studied and been certified in many therapeutic and energy healing approaches. I am a certified PsychK instructor 1997, Level 2 Reiki 1994, Executive Success Coach with The One Command 2005, Love and Authenticity Practitioner 2019. I have extensive training in using Recodes, intuition, mindfulness, breath work, relaxation, theta healing, imagery. Energy healing allows much deeper change to occur because blocking patterns are cleared more effectively.

I work with your higher wisdom to facilitate the changes that will allow you to live a more meaningful and successful life. You will have changes in internal programing/belief structures happen in the first session. I do encourage you to consider a series of sessions. This allows more layers of release and healing to occur across the many facets of current and past experience (both internal and external) that may be limiting your progress.

My goal is to support and empower you to live the fullest, most successful life you desire. 

Ruth's Session:

The intention I bring to each session is to support you in clearing resistance and blocks and to realign to your desired goal. Because we are multidimensional beings, the most effective and lasting changes happen when we address resistance on many levels. By working with your superconscious (higher consciousness), we can effectively do this. Changes can be in beliefs, expectations, emotions. It can also include releasing limiting patterns from prior personal, family, generational and cultural experiences.

As you give permission for me to work with your superconscious and relax, I facilitate the clearing of resistance in the most beneficial way and order for you. The work is done by your subconscious mind; I just direct the process. It is important to understand that our focus is not to solve a problem because you are not broke needing to be fixed. We are shifting you into a creative structure. This structure focuses on your desired goal and that allows you to experience life as you desire by removing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks. 

Reviews for this practitioner:

My session with Ruth was wonderful. She has a loving and kind energy that is comforting and reassuring. I was able to surrender to the process and receive a productive healing that left me with a peaceful heart. Thank you Ruth!
February 16, 2022

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