Consciousness Mentor working with the Akashic Records and Light Language, Mouna guides students and clients to attain higher levels of consciousness through energetic work and intuitive teachings. She lives in Morocco.

Her knowing of the energetic laws of the universe, meditation and consciousness allows her to utilize intuitive information to guide students so they can heal emotional and spiritual wounds and patterns. Mouna can be described as being an intuitive archeologist. She connects to specific information in the soul's memory and brings it back to the present to decode issues that her clients struggle with. She also utilizes light language to clear the being from blockages and to attune its frequency with the frequency of love. Mouna's main focus is to reconnect her clients and students with their own inner power, in the remembrance that we are all pure love at our essence.

Mouna's Sessions:

Light Language Clearing: Through the channeling of specific codes meant to work on aspects of your being (chakras, emotions, etc), we uplift your frequency and clear blocks (low frequencies) so you can attune to the highest frequencies and emotions. 30 Minutes: $92 or 40 Minutes: $130

Emotional Healing: Through emotional coaching and healing, we work on the root causes of emotional overwhelm, low vibrational emotions causing depression or anxiety, as well as regulating emotional response to attain calm and serenity.  30 Minutes: $92 or 40 Minutes: $130

Reviews for this practitioner:

Mouna is a dichotomy of gentleness and raw power. She has a soothing and gentle approach that immediately gains your trust. Our session rapidly uncovered the root of my issue and Mouna delicately yet powerfully opened the channels allowing me to fully release it. We accomplished more in one session than what I have been able to achieve in multiple sessions with conventional practitioners. I am profoundly grateful.
August 23, 2022
I've been fortunate enough to experience two healing sessions with Mouna so far. She is a beautiful being in every way and so talented. She truly helped to quicken my healing with her intuitive light-infusing gifts (her Light Language is amazing.) I've been feeling and sleeping better and better thanks to dear Mouna!
August 23, 2022
I didn’t know what to expect. But I can say she was just the practitioner I have been looking for. Kind, soft spoken, knowledgeable. I plan to work with Mouna in the future. A great pairing.
March 21, 2022
My session was incredibly healing. I can’t even put into words how well we connected. I’m flying right now. I had a glimpse of the light within me… as an experience not just an awareness.
April 7, 2022

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