I am an Intuitive Channel based in California, US. I am here to uplift and show up in unconditional love and service. It is an honor to be here. I use many modalities including Energy Healing , Reiki, and Breath. I enjoy daily self love practices that build fundamental trust within the body and amplify our joy into the world. Come share your heart! You are loved.

Miranda's Sessions:

Reiki: 60 Minutes. Exploring the body's energetic field. Sending unconditional love to all parts of your being in all planes of existence. Allowing your body to receive the healing it needs at that time.

Enima Program: 2-hour session. Explore how Enimas assist your gut using natural homeopathic remedies to remove inflammation, parasites, and stagnation from the intestine. Get to know yourself, your body and its power!

Tarot Reading: Ask your questions. Or review your process. Join Miranda in Traditional Tarot Readings.

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