Maggie M

Maggie lives in Scotland. As an Integrative psychotherapist over the last nine
years has helped hundreds of clients to recover from mild to moderate mental
health conditions and has a passion for enhancing self-esteem. In her earlier
working life, she was a civil servant, latterly working in dynamic communications
roles supporting Government Ministers and policy areas in Whitehall Government,
London. Other interests include writing, travel, walking and vocal awareness and

Maggie’s sessions:
The sessions entail identifying and challenging underlying deep-rooted beliefs and
learning a sequence of tools and techniques to acknowledge strengths and
positively handle anxiety and stress not only in the moment, but during more
challenging situations as well. With practice and building in lifestyle techniques,
change occurs at a deep level, altering one's bodily reaction to stress.
Maggie uses the following methods, to help you to get to get to know you better,
increase self-awareness and assist balancing your energy flow to better manage
mood and improve self-esteem through:

-Identifying and acknowledging strengths.
-Compassion focused approach, helping you to cultivate skills in
compassion and self-compassion, which can help regulate mood and lead
to feelings of safety, self-acceptance, and comfort.
-Learn soothing, grounding and anchoring techniques.
-Improve self-esteem, identify, and use your own voice.
-Soothe and heal your inner child.
-Practice daily mindfulness, learn to be present in a relaxed and easy way.

SCOTACS, Diploma in Counselling and Group work – a Cognitive Behavioural
Approach. (SCQF Level 10, Honours Degree Level), 2015.
COSCA, Certificate in Counselling Skills (Scotland’s Professional Body for
Counselling and Psychotherapy, SCQF Level 7), 2013.
The Open University, BA Honours degree, 2002.

Maggie's sessions:

An introductory 50 minute session, through Zoom, to enable the therapist and client to chat about a range of factors to learn more about the client and their current problems and identify therapy goals. The assessment session is thorough and will help to ensure that therapy is tailored to individual's needs. A short psychological questionnaire will be completed to get a snapshot of symptoms and how treatment is progressing in later sessions. Clients can ask questions in relation to what CBT treatment sessions will involve and if it's the right approach for them.    

$104 US dollars

Treatment sessions are 50 minutes long and are remote through Zoom.  A short psychological questionnaire will be completed to get a snapshot of how treatment is progressing, this will take 5 minutes. The majority of the session will be spent analysing the client's thoughts, feelings and behaviours to determine the effect they have on each other and the client's daily life. We will also discuss specific CBT tools and materials and the therapist will motivate, encourage and support the client to try these techniques. This is a very collaborative process, each person is unique, and will not be asked to do anything that they are not comfortable with. The approach is very much about finding what works best for them. There is time for reflection, feedback and discussion about in between session work at the end.      

$150 US dollars

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Maggie M
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Introductory 50 minute session-$104Treatment sessions (after 1st session)- $150